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Interview with Emile Tacken

Regularly visitors of HorsUs get the chance to send in their questions to a famous equestrian personallity.
The HorsUs editors will choose the five most original questions and they will use them in an interview.

This Dutch show jumper already was very succesful as a Junior and Young Rider. He won seven medals at European championships for the youth. At senior level he came famous with his Miss Montana. With her he came Dutch chamion in 2004: Emile Tacken. For HorsUs he has given an interview in which he has answered your questions.

April 2012

Photos of Emile Tacken


Why was Miss Montana so special for you? How is she doing nowadays?

‘She was so special because of her character and intelligence. It mostly was her who decided what she was about to do, or not… She now is 21 years old and doing really well. She is stabled at my father’s and we have tried to get her pregnant buts o far we did not succeed.’
Can you tell something about your current top horses Venus and Wan Architect?
‘Venus (10, by Springtime) is a very hot horse and he has the best character you could wish for. I think he does not have the last qualities. Wan Architect (9, by Springtime) is a half-brother of Venus. He seems to have more capacity but he is a bit more sensitive to ride.’
What’s your opinion about the Dutch team chances towards the Olympics?
‘As it looks now I think the chef d’équipe has three really good combinations for his team. I hope nothing will go wrong with these three as it’s difficult to find a very good number four and five at the moment.’
How does a normal day for your horses look like?
‘On a normal day the go in the walker in the morning while the stalls are mucked out. Then I ride them and in the afternoon they go in the paddock.’
Could you make a top 3 of top horses which you like?
‘1. ET, 2. Schutterfly and 3. Hickstead. These three are all legends as they all three were super horses! I think they all three would have fit my style of riding. All three had a super mentallity.’
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